Coffee at Core

Great coffee is at the core of every great café business – and our focus is on building and growing individual café businesses.

We keep coffee at our core by leveraging an exceptional coffee roasting supply chain, and not roasting our own.

This allows us to;

  • focus on your cafe,
  • leverage knowledge, scale and passion of dedicated roasters, and
  • ensure transparent, competitive pricing whilst still achieving an industry leading quality of coffee bean.

In other words, we don't need the distraction of managing an entire coffee roasting business at the same time. We are able to achieve far better outcomes for you by making sure dedicated roasters provide the best product available - while we keep our focus on your business with you.

Uniquely shaped to fit each local market

Local cafes thrive as true locals in their community.

Our approach is one of ‘true local’ cafes, with local focused flexible menus adapted to suit their market. Owners are empowered to source fresh food and produce from local suppliers.

We've noticed a trend in recent years for franchise food brands to centralise food production (that was otherwise 'fresh') and transporting these goods to stores. Whilst it can have some benefits in controlling cost of goods, that comes with a price.

We see an enormous win-win opportunity by doing the opposite and building a competitive advantage through;

  • Fresh food positioning to your customers,
  • Truly connecting locally in buying produce from your community,
  • Tailoring your menu to your local market.

Built on a long-term business model

Our low-entry and ongoing fees are the foundation of our commitment to a long-term approach to growing each individual business together.

Start-up is the most challenging phase of any business, and our approach not only recognises it, but does something about it by being patient with our own returns.

We know that every extra % in sales from you in royalties, makes the task of growing a long-term sustainable business more challenging than it needs to be. The foundation of a great on-going business together is in our industry low;

  • 4.5% royalty on total sales,
  • 1.5% of your total sales for you to invest in marketing (entirely controlled by you).

Our firm belief is in fair, reasonable and transparent entry and operating costs.

Café Business System

At the heart of everything, we are an excellent café business system.

We take all our expertise in site selection, shop construction, buying power, training, marketing and on-going business development support, and implement that with you into your local market.

We understand that your investment into our business is a crucial part of your lifestyle and wealth creation plans. We take this very seriously with our own constant investment into the business system.

A team of experienced and dedicated industry professionals is well-resourced behind the scenes, keeping your business at the forefront of your market.

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