Why wouldn’t I just set up a café on my own, without a franchise?

Of course you could try do it yourself.

We’re not arrogant enough to think we are your only option in the marketplace. In fact, in your research and consideration of getting into the café business, you should go through the pros and cons of each option.

But what we do know very well, is that there are so many things involved with establishing a successful café business. When done well, a franchise is your short cut through all of the things you need to do to get a café business up and running.

We like the way that franchise expert, Glenn Walford describes it;

“If franchising was invented in 2018 it would be called a Start-Up Hack. The tech industry constantly refers to ‘hacks’, and before that we just referred to those things as short cuts!

It’s the get into business fast hack without the mistakes and errors you’d need to make if on your own. You’re buying a template to own and operate a business. Franchising is just a way to do business, and when done well, it’s actually a really good way of doing business.

You’re buying an idea, a product or service offer that you don’t need to create yourself. You also don’t need to create from scratch all the things you need on how to deliver that product or service – all those nitty gritty details that bring so many small business owners un-stuck.

You also get trained and coached / supported in how to run the business, and at face value, that’s a pretty good value proposition.

In return, you need to; pay up-front entry and on-going costs for all that knowledge, and intellectual property that you are instantly accessing and downloading into your brain. Also, the physical asset costs, product, training, support and varied services on-going.

Of course, these broad features and benefits differ greatly amongst the hundreds of franchise and license systems.”

We’re proud to have built a system that stacks up in all the areas of importance when compared to other franchises, and the option of going it alone. We're even prouder when our franchise owners back us up in reporting them same thing.

To see why Lorenzo Di Giorgio chose Stellarossa over all other café options WATCH HERE.