What training and support is provided?

We call your training Interstellar Training!

You will spend two transformational weeks at our wonderfully equipped head Office in Brisbane, Queensland. Ready for your transition to Stellarossa café owner is a fully operational kitchen with the same equipment you will find in your café. Beside the training kitchen is the coffee training room with two full-coffee machine set-up work stations. Our training environment is structured to replicate as much as we possibly can, the work stations you’ll have with your team in your own café. Yet at the same time, allowing you to learn all you need to learn, about the business, back-end operational management and more, without the pressure of customer service and the busy store environment at the same time.

For the food preparation component of your training, you’ll be learning;

  • The theory aspects of our food offering,
  • Food handling and health and safety requirements,
  • Ordering stock and managing Costs of Goods,

You will also get the hands-on, in-depth training on other key aspects of running a kitchen such as;

  • Learning knife skills,
  • Correct use of equipment,
  • Best practice food preparation,

You are trained to the Stellarossa standard in all the finer details that go into making Stellarossa food the high quality that our customers expect.

For the coffee component of your training, this is where we take the entire business to the next level.

  • A tour through the Di Bella roasting facility to truly understand what the concept of ‘crop to cup’ means,
  • View the selection process of our 5-Star Coffee Blend and Single Origin beans,
  • Two further intensive days follow, going through our Barista Basics and Intermediate Barista Training Programs involving production, pouring, latte art and coffee theory.

By the end of your entire block of training at Stellarossa HQ in Brisbane, you will spend a further 3 – 5 days in-store, implementing and reinforcing all your training. At this time, with all the knowledge and training you know have, we are helping you to over lay all that into a store environment and its own unique pressures, to best prepare you for your own café business!