What are the entry costs and on-going fees?

This is an area we consider a key point of difference when joining the Stellarossa family. We pride ourselves on helping aspiring, entrepreneurial café owners to get into business and enjoy all the advantages that being part of a franchise network can bring them, but without the steep price tag often attached to it.

Transparency is crucial when it comes to up-front and on-going costs.

Entry and on-going costs into your café include;

  • Commence Licence Fee
    $25,000+gst (use of the Stellarossa brand and café system IP for the full-franchise term)
  • Training Fee
    $15,000+gst (your 3+ week training program plus store opening / launch team)
  • On-going Royalty
    4.5% of total weekly turnover (sales)
  • Local Area Marketing Levy
    1.5% of total weekly turnover (sales) Controlled by YOU in your own marketing account.

Note: These costs are all included into the broad range of investment indicated from $225,000 depending on the café tenancy construction and fit-out.

We’re also able to do all this, while nurturing a business model that welcomes and encourages a spirit of independence allowing your individual personality to come out and shine at the same time, and with the Stellarossa brand and systems backing you up – a rare combination in a world loaded with cookie cutter franchise café models.