The Stellarossa story

The Stellarossa story commenced in 2009 in Brisbane with a passion for the excitement of entrepreneurship and coffee culture. With our co-founders Darren Schultz and Phil Cronin and the entire Stellarossa team, we’ve been methodically refining the ultimate café business system one cafe at a time, ever since.

As such, we’ve become very comfortable with referring to our business as simply ‘An excellent café business system.’

With a carefully measured café expansion focus initially on Brisbane, then the broader Southeast Queensland, we currently have 20 locations, with regular new thoughtfully considered additions to the network.

Our unrelenting commitment to the finest quality of coffee beverage creation at every location, our fresh and locally sourced produce for our flexible menus according each market, and our focus on growing our network as a family of dedicated entrepreneurs, makes Stellarossa a great brand to seriously consider for your café business venture.