How much does a café cost?

The investment amounts into a café vary depending on the specifics of the actual location. An indication to work from is that a total range from $225,000 is a basis - of course depending on the location and its attributes.

Of course, other brands in our market are regularly pushing a significant amount above this for certain locations – we know our sweet spot very well.

You will know well in advance, and be involved in our process of designing and costing of your café location.

The reason the above range is so broad, is to allow for all scenarios. Some locations we build from scratch, as in, a bare ‘shell’ of a tenancy. Other locations have features that we are able to adapt and integrate within your café design.

On occasions we even have locations that are what we call ‘re-brands’ where they have been another café brand previously, and we have negotiated to take over the existing café, and undertake works to make that café our own distinctive Stellarossa look and feel.