How do I market my café to attract customers?

We’re believers in the fact that YOU at the local café level in your community, are best placed to determine where you need to spend your marketing dollars.

We do not believe in the concept of taking marketing dollars from you, and spending it as we see fit for the network. control it on your behalf. Undeniably, local owners are best positioned to see, feel and understand the opportunities and needs within their own market.

We’ll be right beside you, helping, advising, guiding and supporting you with our marketing team experience and resources, but you ultimately make the call on where and how you want to spend it to grow.

To enable this, our model requires 1.5% of your weekly turnover, to be placed in a dedicated local area marketing account of your own, to execute marketing campaigns to help grow your business.

In so many cases in franchise systems nationally, and possibly one you are also considering right now, the franchisor requires payment of your local marketing dollars into a centrally pooled account, for use as they see fit for the network. Stellarossa is where YOU have full control of your local area marketing funds - we just want to ensure that you do invest it into your marketing wisely!