ANZ Accreditation - what's that?

Many new franchise owners need finance when purchasing their business. Applying for business finance takes more time and information than a home loan and is generally a long and arduous process, which doesn’t always end in approval of the required or desired finance amount.

Stellarossa have Accreditation with ANZ, which can make for a much smoother process of obtaining a business loan for your investment, and allow you to possibly lend more than you otherwise would have been able. The Accreditation process involves ANZ assessing the Franchise in all aspects of its business, including past performance, longevity of the model, internal systems and processes, and overall brand strength.

If you decide to purchase a Stellarossa café, and choose to secure lending through ANZ, you’ll work with a specialised ANZ Franchise Business banker who will help you through the process to ensure you find a tailored solution to suit your long and short-term goals and needs.