Make your café dream a brilliant business with Stellarossa

At Stellarossa, we’ve been creating something special.

Our passion is in the excitement of entrepreneurship and the café coffee culture. Our method is to overlay a refined business system, to create businesses in local communities that we can all be proud of.

We’re a community, even a family, of like-minded entrepreneurs who have seen a far better way to deliver the benefits of a café franchise system. Yet at the same time, provide a level of independence and freedom to express yourself in your own business.

At Stellarossa we may well be making other ‘traditional’ coffee / café type franchises nervous with our approach;

  • Built on a long-term success business model – We’re in this for the long haul, and we prove it by very deliberately structuring our model with low entry costs and low on-going fees. We’re patient and deliberate to grow with you.
  • Uniquely local cafes – No cookie-cutter approach here. We’re not trying to make local areas fit us. Instead, we take a flexible approach to menu, local fresh produce sourcing, and café design, to best fit your local market. Very un-franchise huh?
  • A Café Business System – We’ve removed the complexity in establishing your café business. We focus on the things that will make a difference in your market, so you have a lite, robust business to operate and enjoy.

In a marketplace with numerous café business options, we’re focused on being responsive to the needs of our franchise owners. We do this by having a 'local' approach in all we do, and continuing to invest in strengthening our business system for the benefit of all.

A key part of strengthening our business is welcoming new franchise owners into our family – perhaps that’s you!

Five things that make a great café business


We’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs get into the café industry so we’ve bottled just a little of what we know into a short and sweet e-book.

We follow these principles on a daily basis and if you think they're on the money then we'd love to talk about ways we can work together.

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How Stellarossa creates community café hotspots.

Coffee at Core

Great coffee is at the core of every great café business – and our focus is on building and growing individual café businesses. We keep coffee at our core by leveraging an exceptional coffee roasting supply chain, and not roasting our own. This allows us to; focus on the cafes, leverage knowledge, scale and passion of dedicated roasters, and ensure transparent, competitive pricing.

Uniquely shaped to fit each local market

Local cafes thrive as true locals in their community. Our approach is one of ‘true local’ cafes, with local focused flexible menus adapted to suit their market. Owners are empowered to source fresh food and produce from local suppliers.

Café Business System

At the heart of everything, we are an excellent café business system. We take all our expertise in site selection, shop construction, buying power, training, marketing and on-going business development support, and implement that with you into your local market.

Built on a long-term business model

Our low-entry and ongoing fees is the foundation of our commitment to a long-term approach to growing each individual business together. Start-up is the most challenging phase of any business, and our approach not only recognises it, but does something about it by being patient with our own returns.

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